Exhausts Parts

V band clamps flanges and sets.

With our RMT parts high quality 316 stainless steel V-band clamps sets you can simple connect your exhaust tubes together.

You need to weld the flanges (Tig or Mig) on each of every end of the exhausts tubes.
RMT Parts V-band clamp will keep the flanges strong to each other. You can buy a complete set , or you can also buy the seperate parts clamps or flanges of this set. See pricing below.

V-Band Flange Assemblies are a popular and effective alternative to traditional flanged or slip fit tube connections. They work very well in operating conditions involving stress, vibration and extreme temperature fluctuations. – The V-band clamp design allows for a gasket free seal and the feature of these clamps makes swapping parts at the track quick and easy. – RMT Parts V-band flange assemblies feature a unique “Male/Female” design to ensure proper alignment of the flanges inside the clamp. – each assembly consists of two (2) V-band flanges and one (1)V-band clamp. T316 Stainless Steel flanges & clamp

Standard V band clamp sets from the next sizes.
RMTCL-set 2.0 inch  (51mm)   €26.70 excl vat
RMTCL-set 2.25 inch  (57mm)   €27.68 excl vat
RMTCL-set 2.5 inch  (63mm)  €30.91 excl vat
RMTCL-set 2.75 inch  (70mm)   €33.92 excl vat
RMTCL-set 3.0 inch  (76mm)  €34.26 excl vat
RMTCL-set 3.5 inch  (89mm)  €38.74 excl vat
RMTCL-set 4.0 inch  (102mm)  €43.28 excl vat

Quick Release V band clamp sets from the next sizes.
RMTCL-set-QR 2.0 inch  (51mm)   €30.80 excl vat
RMTCL-set-QR 2.25 inch  (57mm)   €33.01 excl vat
RMTCL-set-QR 2.5 inch  (63mm)  €36.32 excl vat
RMTCL-set-QR 2.75 inch  (70mm)   €39.62 excl vat
RMTCL-set-QR 3.0 inch  (76mm)  €39.87 excl vat
RMTCL-set-QR 3.5 inch  (89mm)  €47.89 excl vat
RMTCL-set-QR 4.0 inch  (102mm)  €56.15 excl vat

The V band we also  sell seperate flanges male and female.

Only Flanges per pair sizes and prices below
RMTCL-F 2.0 inch  (51mm)   €18.60 excl vat
RMTCL-F 2.25 inch  (57mm)   €19.95 excl vat
RMTCL-F 2.5 inch  (63mm)  €20.41 excl vat
RMTCL-F 2.75 inch  (70mm)   €21.75 excl vat
RMTCL-F 3.0 inch  (76mm)  €23.31 excl vat
RMTCL-F 3.5 inch  (89mm)  €26.64 excl vat
RMTCL-F 4.0 inch  (102mm)  €30.18 excl vat

Standard V Band Clamps price below
RMTCL-C 2.0 inch  (51mm)   € 8.10 excl vat
RMTCL-C 2.25 inch  (57mm)   € 9.40 excl vat
RMTCL-C 2.5 inch  (63mm)  € 10.50 excl vat
RMTCL-C 2.75 inch  (70mm)   € 10.85 excl vat
RMTCL-C 3.0 inch  (76mm)  € 10.95  excl vat
RMTCL-C 3.5 inch  (89mm)  €12.10  excl vat
RMTCL-C 4.0 inch  (102mm)  €13.10 excl vat

Quick release v band Clamps only price below
RMTCL-QRC 2.0 inch  (51mm)   € 10.70 excl vat
RMTCL-QRC 2.25 inch  (57mm)   € 12.35 excl vat
RMTCL-QRC 2.5 inch  (63mm)  € 12.47 excl vat
RMTCL-QRC 2.75 inch  (70mm)   € 12.76 excl vat
RMTCL-QRC 3.0 inch  (76mm)  € 13.18  excl vat
RMTCL-QRC 3.5 inch  (89mm)  € 14.00  excl vat
RMTCL-QRC 4.0 inch  (102mm)  € 16.81 excl vat

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