Sport Racing Brake discs

RMT Parts Sport Racing discs.


RMT Parts Supplier for sporting and race discs, these discs are from the highest quality all with 8 grooves.
Every disc is extra made in europe and all with a extra thermal treadment to last longer at high temperature,

RMT supplies 99% from all European Japanese and Korean cars.

You wil find your car in the list  Download below, in your brand you will find your car and all information.
Prices are per set of 2 grooved brake discs excl Vat.

Big Brake discs from 247mm to 380mm

RMT Parts big brake discs.

We now supply discs for big brake systems, excl aluminium Bell, most teams make the bell in the workshop.
We supply discs diameters from 247mm to 380mm with many different PDC hole sizes and discs thickness, soon we put all sizes on the website.
More info send us a e-mail